“Oh, this is just awful”

I muttered this to myself several times during my ride in today. Well, that’s the clean version.

Was it traffic passing too close to me? Was it the cold? Was my bike playing up? Was it that Southwark Bridge cycle lane into the city is STILL closed so pedestrians can use it? No, despite all four being true, and the last one really irks me.

It was the wind. My legs, well used to propelling me 18 miles a day, were aching. My lungs fit to burst. My jacket like an enormous sail billowing behind me. But was I moving? Was I heck. My heart rate to speed ratio must have been at an all time high.

So, surely it will be a nice easy ride home, right? RIGHT? You can bet your bicycle that it won’t be. Yesterday I rode South West to City, City to West End, West End to South West – and every journey seemed to involve an immense head wind.

Grumble grumble grumble. I think I’ll channel the anger into an email to Southwark Council asking them why they’ve closed my bike lane.

One thought on ““Oh, this is just awful”

  1. My journey was so similarly bad yesterday morning, that I actually chickened out and got the tube today. I have never felt so defeatist :-(

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